A world of information, all about your favorite subject - music, available in these books.

A brand new book to help you identify repro and bootleg 45rpm records for doo-wop, northern soul, blues/R&B and rockabilly. A must for every collector - beginner or expert. Price: $45.00 plus shipping

WHO SANG OUR SONGS?...............ON CD
By Douglas E Friedman and Anthony J Gribin

The official rhythm & blues and doo-wop sonography.
NOW ON CD....install this on your computer hard drive (or run from disc) to view all this great information at your fingertips. Runs on Windows and Mac - all you need is Adobe Reader, which is available without charge. All the songs and who sang them - over 30,000 entries. Data files arranged three ways - by SONG TITLE, by GROUP NAME and by LABEL.

Information includes:
  • song title
  • artist/group
  • year issued
  • label
  • Price - $24.99 plus shipping

GIRL GROUPS - Fabulous Females That Rocked the World
By John Clemente
From the 1950s through the 1980s girl groups were hot - and not just because of their looks. These rocking women had a profound impact on our culture, and left us with a lifetime's worth of memorable tunes.
Now you can learn about all your favorite female artists. This book features biographical information on sixty of the most significant girl groups of rock'n'roll and rhythm'n'blues, everyone from the Supremes to the Go-Gos. These profiles contain complete discographies for each of the groups and quotes from members of many of the featured groups.
Also included:

The Ultimate Vocal Group Harmony Reference Guide
by Dennis Holran

A two-volume set containing almost 1200 pages of information on over 36,000 songs. A discography on over 11,000 R&B, doo-wop, girl, early soul and pop vocal groups, plus single artists with group backing. Included are approximate values on 45 rpm records and information on 78 rpm’s, demos, bootlegs, unreleased and album material primarily covering the late 1940’s through the mid-sixties. Information is also available on the contemporary groups that have kept the music alive from that time until now.
Please contact Dennis Holran using the link provided below to order or for more info.