Owners - Lee & Chris

Lee & Chris, of Doo Wop Shoo Bop, pictured at the Lead East Collectible Show in the Nostalgic Music Hall.

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LE Group

Everyone was at Lead East....Eddie Greis, Pat, Chris, Jimmy Merchant of the legendary Teenagers and Terry Cook LE Boss Man!


Wolfman Jack knows where to find ALL the good music! Thanks for stopping by Wolfman!


Lee & the Cool Ghoul - Zacherely. He signed a photo that was taken the last time he appeared at Lead East. He may be a 'cool ghoul' but he's a real nice guy!

The Crew

Here's the crew.....Tim, Ed, Gary, lee & Chris.


Commemorating 30 years Ronnie I has given to UGHA, they came to honor him....(left to right) Val Shively of R&B Records, Al Cattabiani of Avenue D Records, Ronnie I, Chris Buccola of Doo Wop Shoo Bop & Early Bird Records, Ken Fuchs of Rhythm Records, Ed Engel of Crystal Ball Records & Fred Kaplan of Kape Records & Memory Lane.

Nikki & Jim

Nikki and Jim are captured on film during a rare moment of rest at Lead East 2000. Both are avid fans, dedicated to vocal group harmony - primarily from the 1950's. And Jim jams with the best of them while Nikki snaps photos!

Visit them at HARMONY HAVEN - an informative & interesting website! A special thanks to them for proofing my site!

Terry Johnson

Chris had the honor of meeting Terry Johnson, one of the original members of the Flamingos. The group appeared at a concert at Lead East 2010.

Mario & Chris

Mario DeAndrade, of the Five Discs, visits with Chris at DWSB.

Five Fashions

At Lead East 2010, Chris met Bruce Bundock, lead singer of the Five Fashions of Stamford, Connecticut. In 1965-1966, they recorded for catamount Records the following sides...1964 - Pennies from heaven / Ten Commandments of love; 1965 - Over the Rainbow / Solitaire; 1965 - My Girl / Kiss Kiss Kiss; 1966 - Iíll be Home for Christmas

Danny Hicks, original member of the Continentals (of 'Dear Lord' and 'Fine Fine Frame' fame) visits with Chris at the store. Check back for an exclusive overview of the Continentals history as provided by Danny Hicks.

Mighty Echoes

The Mighty Echoes with Chris at Mr Acappella's show at Molloy College, Rockville Center.

Lee and Harry of Cornerstone! What a voice!!

Mr. Acappella & Chris

Mr. Acappella and Chris talk about all his productions....
Acappella Extravaganza
For info email Mr Acappella

Big Bob

You just never know who's going to show up at Lead East! Capturing a special moment, Chris and Randy pose with Big Boy!

Vernon Britton of the Hurricanes and Chris check out 45rpms by the Hurricanes! Be sure to read our exclusive interview with Vernon and learn about the Hurricanes!

See photos of the Hurricanes at UGHA, being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Johnny Bragg

Johnny Bragg, of the Prisonaires, autographing my copy of 'Just Walkin' In the Rain', by Jay Warner. This book is about rock'n'roll and rhythm & blues and the life of Johnny Bragg. Great reading!

Juke Box Guys and Doo Wop Shoo Bop
Here's the gang, at Lead East!
From Nostalgic Music Company - Ed, Mike and Tim and Lee & Chris of Doo Wop Shoo Bop.

Chris and Jess talk about doo wop music and admire the many juke boxes on display at Lead East!

He's, no they're, in the building!
Did you ever see this many Elvis (is the plural Elvi?) in one place, at one time?

Elvis stops by to say 'hello!' at Doo Wop Shoo Bop!

Kim, of the Socialites, chats with Gordon (Gordon Skadberg of the Rhythm & Blues Serenade Radio Show 88.7FM on Sundays 4pm-6pm) and Chris!

The Socialites recorded "Jimmy" on the Arrawak label. And the Socialites are featured in John Clemente's Girl Groups book!

Chris & Steve Horn Chris & Jimmy Gallager

Steve Horn (left picture) and Jimmy Gallagher (picured right) of the Legends of Doo Wop Visit with Chris to chat about their sizzling CD! This is the CD you've been waiting for!!! Take the lead singer from the Passions; add the lead singer of the Fascinators; mix with the lead singer of the Imaginations; don't forget the original bass of the Five Sharks - WOW - it's the Legends of Doo Wop!!

For sound clips & complete track listing, check out Contemporary Artists - The Legends

Ed's Tattoo

How's this for dedication?!

A truly devoted fan of doo wop, Ed wears his sentiments in the form of a tattoo!

No one will ever mistake Ed's commitment.

Earl Lewis


Earl Lewis, of EARL LEWIS & THE CHANNELS, is proud to release the best doo wop selections from his 1973 'Take One' album and its successor 'Take Two', as well as the 45rpm version of 'Gloria' (issued 1971). All tracks are presented from the master tapes for the very first time on CD! Ask for 'The Best of 'Take One' and 'Take Two'!'

Earl Lewis in the studio with George, Chris and Gordon, of Early Bird Records.

Mickey B CD

Premier DJ, Mickey B 'The Prince of Rock and Roll', debuts his CD on the Early Bird Record label.

A note from Mickey B... 'Over the past 10 years, it has been my pleasure to be the radio host of 'Mickey B's Juke Box Revue'. Now I have the difficult task of selecting the tracks for my first CD. After hours of listening and debate, I've chosen a mixture of all-time classics with a sprinkling of newly discovered treasures. What a great start to a series of Mickey B CDs!'

Jukeboxes at Lead East Display

Nostalgic Music Company displays jukeboxes that are available for home or business use! Listen to your favorite tunes on one of these great machines. Ed, Tim & Mike will help you make a selection!

For more information, click on this link: Jukeboxes!

Sweet Beat Records

SWEET BEAT Records producers,
Jordi Meri and Juan Ibanez, pose with the Roomates!

Check out the latest releases from this exciting label - Hot 'n Hip Harmonies & Frankie & the Fashions 'Trilogy'
Click on above links to see track listings and for sound clips!

Ice Cream Man From Hell


The Ice Cream Man From Hell is the 'Hardest Working Man In Ice Cream'! Check it out - this is the guy for your next event!

Johnny Maestro & Chris

Johnny Maestro, of the Crests & Brooklyn Bridge fame, stopped at the Collectibles Show at Lead East before performing.

Check out the Acappella Section for his acappella CD and Vocal Groups/Single Artists CD Section for The Crests and Brooklyn Bridge CD's available!

The Lovetts

Marty & Ann Marie spear-headed the national drive to get Johnny Maestro, formerly of the Crests (16 Candles), now with the Brooklyn Bridge (The Worst That Could Happen), inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Johnny Maestro is the cornerstone of what the hall is today - an original pioneer of rock and roll/doowop music. He has been on the music scene for more than 40 years.

After acquiring thousands upon thousands of signatures and endless hours of attempting to contact the 'powers that be' at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - with NO response, Marty & Ann Marie still have hope of one day seeing Johnny Maestro being inducted!

Joel Katz

Joel Katz visits Chris at Lead East. Check out Fifties Come Alive by the Wizards on our Contemporary Groups page.

Mickey B

Radio personality, Mickey B, known as The Prince of Rock n' Roll with Lee and Paul Evans, performer and song writer.

Visit Mickey B's Juke Box Revue and Paul Evans web site!

Be sure to check out Paul's new CD "I Was A Part of the 50's" which features Paul's original hit records, hard to find and never-before released masters, his original demos and an exclusive interview.


Del Wood Jef, from St. Louis, and Stephanie visit Chris at the store! Check out "Delwoodjef's Doo Wops & More"

Early Bird

Who are these guys? And what are they up to?
They are the Early Bird Records executives - Chris, George and Gordon.

Early Bird Records was formed to promote and preserve the heritage of Rhythm and Blues Vocal Group Music, its artists, producers and history.

Check out the Early Bird Records Inc web site for a complete listing of products and projects they are involved with!

At Lead East, Ron & Dan let us know about their favoite cds OR NOT!

Chuck Jackson

Chris and Chuck Jackson meet at The Rhythm & Blues Foundation - 9th Annual Pioneer Awards held February 26th in New York City. Chuck Jackson tunes can be found on Pittsburgh's Greatest Hits Volume 6, 7, 8 and 10 in the Various Artists Section.

'Girl Groups - Fabulous Females That Rocked the World'
This is a great gift for the 'Girl Group' lover! Written by John Clemente, profiles 60 influential groups and includes pricing for 500 collectible records and an alphabetical listing of female groups. Great pictures too!

Santa Shopping

Even SANTA shops at Doo Wop Shoo Bop!
We've got all your 50s doo wop music and more!
Huge selection of Christmas CDs with more being added as they arrive in the store.

The Wave
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